Las Caletas Puerto Vallarta Wedding

For any bride, the morning of the wedding can be a nerve-wracking, emotional and laughter-filled few hours.

At Easton Grange, brides get ready in our Bridal Dressing Room, a light-filled space with a rainfall shower, salon-style chairs and mirrors, and plenty of room for the bridal party to be pampered and prepped.

Beth Beresford is an experienced wedding photographer who has photographed a number of weddings at Easton Grange over the years.

Having been a regular fly on the wall in our Bridal Dressing Room, here she shares her top tips for getting ready in a relaxed, panic-free fashion…

You probably have a fair few in your girl gang, and you will all want to get ready together.

When planning where to get ready, it’s really important to make sure that you book somewhere that has plenty of space near windows/natural light or has make-up stations.

It’s most likely that the biggest window will be taken by the make-up artist, so you don’t want your lovely crew to have to battle for the remaining natural light, if they are doing their own make-up.

With lots of people in one room, hair dryers going and the heating on, the room will get hot quickly.

You’ll be wearing a dress that you’ll be warm in, too.

Therefore, make sure you don’t get dehydrated, especially if your wedding is on a hot summer’s day.

Take large bottles of water with you or arrange in advance to have some brought to your bridal prep room in.

For Pellegrino, it offered a creative outlet and a more casual and humorous way to share wedding memories than the traditional wedding video. “It’s like a modern day photo album or wedding video—something funny to show the kids one day.” And, Jensen agrees. “Video shows personality a little more—there’s something about getting live moments and tiktok can make this happen, you can also buy tiktok likes to get more engagement and to share your wedding to all of your audience. It kind of just shows a more unfiltered version of the day,” she says. “You see expressions in real time, and you may catch things you didn’t see. I was just looking at a video and someone in the background fell on the dance floor, and it was really funny. The photographer doesn’t always know what you think is funny.”


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